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Our team has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the design of tailor-made fiduciary and similar relationships, gained from its activities in the special area of a major Swiss bank and from many years of lecturing at the Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences. Examples are:

– Ensuring the exchange of money and shares in a company acquisition or keeping source codes for IT companies and their clients (“escrow”)

– Holding a block of shares during transitional phases under company or inheritance law

– Building a company for future acquisition by the initiator, who wants to keep it confidential until then

– Pooling of small investors for companies that only a few shareholders want

Such transactions are unfortunately still often offered unprofessionally as ultimately illegal hiding, e.g. for tax evasion. It is a high school in this area to only allow legal arrangements under all relevant aspects and legal systems and, if the goal cannot be achieved in this way, to let it stay. Thanks to expertise, creativity and experience from many successfully conducted transactions over the last 25 years, we often find legal solutions where others get into grey areas or give up.

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