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Units of the MSM Group in Switzerland are members of the following institutions, among others:

The MSM Group has built up a large network of cooperation partners and suppliers from Switzerland and around the world with whom we work in our Business – Legal – Office areas:


The MSM Group supports the horticultural company Dreisiebner with legal services and cooperates with it in market development.

The former Semantic System AG, now ai-one AG, was named one of the ten best start-ups in the world by Red Herring. The MSM Group accompanied the start-up, provides legal services and is also a shareholder of this company.

Over 2,000 old drinking glasses and over 300 old lamps and candlesticks can be found at Aladin Antik in Zurich. Founded almost 50 years ago, the shop has been run by Oliver and Christina Perrin since 1990. Their speciality is professional restorations that restore each of the unique pieces to their former glory. The MSM finance team is responsible for accounting and tax matters.

One of Winterthur’s leading specialist stores for modern corrective glasses of various brands, contact lenses, selected sunglasses and optical instruments has entrusted the MSM finance team with the accounting, preparation of the annual financial statements and representation in tax matters.

The “hairdressing team for the whole family” in the heart of the old village centre of Wülflingen on Lindenplatz is managed by Konrad Bohner junior in the second generation. For the modern business in a property steeped in history, the MSM finance team is responsible for accounting and taxes.

The MSM Group supports this innovative family-owned young company with legal and accounting work, with the search for investors and is also financially involved itself.

The first subsidiary of a Chinese group in the Canton of Zurich has set up shop in the MSM Office Business Center and obtains legal services from MSM Legal. In addition, the entire accounting and international coordination has been entrusted to the MSM finance team.

The junior development association Go4PfadiJuniors is part of the sponsoring environment of Pfadi Winterthur Handball. The MSM Group was represented on the board from the beginning and supports this club and also the main club with various sponsoring services. Among other things, the MSM Group organises the annual internal match day of Pfadi Winterthur Handball.

Martin Attorneys at Law provides legal services and contributes regularly to the Goldwyn Partners Group newsletter.

An innovative start-up in cooperation with well-known large companies, which obtains services from the MSM Group in all three of our Business – Legal – Office areas.

The MSM Group has long been a sponsor of this traditional Winterthur tennis club by editing, printing and mailing the newsletter.

The MSM Group is permitted to provide financial and legal services for MP Financial Services AG and various of its clients.

The MSM Group may accompany this company, which specialises in real estate and insurance services, on a permanent basis with various services.

The climate protection citizens’ initiative myblueplanet is supported by the MSM Group with infrastructure use and membership in the Winterthur blue power team.

Opacc Software AG and its customers entrust the MSM Group with escrow contracts to store the source codes of the software produced by Opacc so that it can be made available to the customer in certain emergencies.

Martin Rechtsanwälte provides legal services to the traditional Winterthur handball club within the scope of various sponsoring activities.

The MSM Group was allowed to support Serv24 GmbH with legal advice.

The use of natural stones in outdoor areas is the passion of sigg stone solution gmbh. The passion of the MSM finance team is numbers. That is why this family business has entrusted it with the bookkeeping, preparation of the annual financial statements and representation in tax matters.

The MSM Group works together with this socially and commercially successful company in various areas.

For many years, the MSM Group has been one of the few SMEs in Switzerland to commit itself to the goals of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and combating corruption.

This world-renowned company was able to settle here with numerous jobs thanks to the possibility of quickly renting suitable office space from the MSM Group until the definitive premises were found and converted.

A representative of the MSM Group exercises the function of an independent representative at the General Meeting of Valartis Group AG.

The MSM Group is also interested in ecological investing. Martin Attorneys at Law has worked on the financial market situation and had it examined by the supervisory authority.

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