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MSM Genesis: The launch pad for companies

The MSM Group makes an ongoing contribution to the creation of new jobs: The launch pad “MSM Genesis”. The conditions are as follows:

1. The company purchases from the MSM Group:

    • Legal advice: company formation, securing intellectual property excluding patents (trademarks, designs, copyrights, etc.), drafting contracts, general legal support
    • Set up and maintain accounting, tax returns
    • Personnel administration and insurance broker services
    • Marketing: Consulting, development, analysis of brand presence (website, print, social media). Create Facebook company profile and advertising account. Set up Google Ads users.
    • Assistance with possible financing (“MSM Carefree Package”).

2. It can be purchased additionally:

    • Participation in board of directors or management
    • Secretarial work such as receiving customers, receiving and delivering mail, answering the phone when absent. The company bears the costs for telephone communication, office supplies, postage, computer and other own equipment.
    • IT support
    • 1 workstation in the MSM Cowork, use of WC, meeting room (by prior arrangement and if available); room cleaning, waste disposal, use of infrastructure (LAN, printer, copier up to 100 copies per month, Internet, telephone connection, fax reception as pdf)

3.Services in accordance with Sections 1 and 2 are free of charge for the starting period in the amount of 20 hours each for a) to h), i.e. a total of 80 to 160 hours. The starting period is one to three years by arrangement. Commission payments from insurance companies in accordance with 1. c) will be credited to the company for possible offsetting in the case of paid services.

4. In return, MSM receives a participation (duration of the start-up phase / % in the company): 1 year > 5% – 2 years > 10% – 3 years > 15%. In the event of capital increases, this participation dilutes in parallel with that of the least dilutive current (at the start of the start-up phase) shareholder.

5. According to mandatory law, either party may terminate the launch pad at any time with immediate effect. If one of the benefits in accordance with section 1 is terminated by a party or no longer received or provided, all services under the launch pad shall end and the participation in accordance with section 4 shall be reimbursed pro rata temporis.

6. For services above the above limits and after the start-up phase, the standard market rates less 10% apply.

The launch pad MSM Genesis can be used for the initial start or for a later restart (e.g. expansion, product launch, renovation)

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