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SME financing

In order to facilitate investments in SMEs, the MSM Group offers legal, business management/accountancy and administrative support for financing transactions of all kinds). This support is provided by the Young Entrepreneurs’ Launch Pad, MSM Genesis, the MSM Carefree Package for raising capital and the Business Angels Club “MSM Investorenvereinigung”. Last but not least, the MSM Group itself makes investments by investing in companies either in cash or through work performance.

MSM carefree package
Do you have

  • a good business or expansion plan that you want to implement now?
  • Time or suitable people for raising capital?
  • but nobody who can take care of the legal, administrative and accounting aspects of capitalisation in a competent, reliable and efficient way?

Then you are right at the – MSM carefree package for raising capital

Included in the financing – carefree package

  • Tailor-made structuring of the procedure
  • Legal documents for the foundation or capital increase
  • Any associated contracts
  • Financial plan
  • Placement documentation (4 pages including prospectus and subscription form)
  • Ensuring cash flows
  • Accounting documents

Will be offered separately

  • Cooperation in the search for investors
  • Search for suitable placement specialists
  • Keeping the accounts
  • Employment contracts, ongoing personnel administration
  • Support of the insurance business (in the fee model, i.e. commission to customer)
  • Businessplan
  • Legal work for the operative business (clarifications, contracts with customers and suppliers)

How much does it cost?

We can offer flat rates for analysis and process variants.

In the decision phase the effort is incalculable. Depending on the constellation, a few hours are sufficient. In complex economic, legal and personnel constellations, however, the time required can be several times higher. Therefore, it is budgeted, but measured in hours. Our hourly rates are reduced by about 16%.

In the ongoing processing of incoming funds, we can share the risk and only be paid as a percentage of the funds received.

MSM Equity holdings

Fehr Group AG
ai-one Limited
Partchem AG
Swiss Cooper GmbH
Ship Serv. Inc.

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