MSM Business


The MSM Business Team supports clients in commerial issues relevant to SMEs.

  • MSM Business Development: We support you in the planning, formation and development of your business.
  • MSM Finance: Fiduciary services, accounting, budgeting/business planning, company evaluation. We differ from fiduciary companies of comparable size and price class by our consistent specialisation. Each member is only activ in his/her field of expertise. We waive auditing mandates for reasons of independence.
  • MSM Personnel & Insurance: personnel administration, insurance advisory and brokerage. We work as FINMA-licensed insurance brokers based on a fee model. Our work is paid on an hourly basis, all provisions, etc., from the insurance are fully credited to the client. If they amount to more than the hourly fee, they are divided in two. Therefore, we are really independent in our advisory servies and the client can freely choose the amount of how much service he/she wishes to obtain.

Together with a qualified and experienced Psychologist Dr. Carl Moretti we are assisting your company to support psychological health balance of your employees: MSM Mindcarft.

  • MSM Real Estate: Market and property analysis, Business- and Budgetplanning, Search for suitable property, Real Estate law, Financing, Property Management. Here you can find more about our real estate services.


Current Brochure of MSM Business Development (PDF)
Current Brochure of MSM Business Finance (PDF)
Current Brochure of MSM Personnel and Insurance (PDF)
Current Brochure of MSM Real Estate (PDF)