MSM Investorenvereinigung

MSM Investorenvereinigung is a well-established business angels club headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland. Its purpose is the information and support of the members with respect to investment in unlisted companies, particularly such creating new jobs in Switzerland.

Since 2001, we have matched attractive SME with experienced business angels who support the entrepreneurs financially as well as with their experience, expertise and contacts to successfully implement their businesses and take them to the next level.

Articles of incorporation of the MSM Investorenvereinigung (PDF)

In the past, we successfully matched for example the following enterprises with investors or invested ourselves:

If you are interested in becoming a business angel and support a new generation of entrepreneurs, please do not hesitate to contact us via: oder per Telefon unter +41 (0)52 269 21 00.

  • Information about the market, the law, news regarding investing in unlisted companies
  • Four events of the association per year with personal presentation of approximately ten projects
  • References to further investment opportunities per e-mail
  • No obligation and only CHF 100.- to 200.- annual contribution (depending on category)

Broschure of the MSM Investorenvereinigung (PDF)

Next events:
September 5th 2017
November 10th 2017

Application of a capital seeking company for a presentation at the MSM Investorenvereinigung (PDF)

Current investment opportunities

All past presentations:

1) 2010-2015 (PDF)

2) 2005-2009 (PDF)

3) 2001-2004 (PDF)

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