Intermediation of investors/capital and other business relations


If you are interested in intermediation, we can offer you following opportunities:

A.    Become a Client. we are supporting all our clients in intermediation of investors individually.

B.    Enter MSM Investor club  (Year membership from CHF 100.- to 200.-) and apply for our events to hold a presentation about your product or service (one-time costs CHF 200.-). In a closed membership of MSM investor club you can get some offers, which can noot be placed publicly (only with a special permition) as parts of PLC, collective Capital or Financing with loan elements. Im geschlossenen Kreis des Vereins MSM Investorenvereinigung können auch Angebote gemacht werden, die nicht (oder nur mit besonderer Bewilligung)

C.    To send us provisional agreement. MSm Team is then empowered to forward your offer to thir parties.

In all cases, will MSM Investor club recieve a commision of 3%, if a agreement is signed.

Anmeldung eines kapitalsuchenden Unternehmens zur Präsentation bei der MSM Investorenvereinigung (PDF)