The MSM Group supports the horticultural company Dreisiebner with legal services and cooperates with it in marketing.

The former Semantic System AG, now ai-one AG, was chosen by Red Herring as one of the ten best start-ups worldwide. The MSM Group has supported the start-up, provides legal services and is also a shareholder of this company.

Over 2,000 old drinking glasses and over 300 old lamps and chandeliers can be found at Aladin Antik in Zurich. Founded almost 50 years ago, the business has been managed since 1990 by Oliver and Christina Perrin. Its speciality is professional restorations, which lets each piece shine in its old splendour again. The MSM Finance Team is in charge of accounting and tax matters.

One of the leading speciality stores for modern corrective eyeglasses of the most diverse brands, contact lenses, selected sunglasses and optical instruments has entrusted the MSM Finance Team with accounting, preparation of the annual accounts and representation in tax matters.

The MSM Group is  a member of the board of the Swiss subsidiary of this group and provides legal services.

The „hairdresser team for the entire family“ in the heart of the old village core of Wülflingen at the Lindenplatz is being managed by Konrad Bohner jr. in the second generation. For the modern business in a historic property, the MSM Finance Team is responsible for accounting and tax matters.

Martin Rechtsanwälte are official partners of FH Switzerland for legal advisory services.

The first subsidiary of a Chinese group in the Canton of Zurich has moved into the MSM Office Business Center and obtains services in the legal area from MSM Legal. In addition, the entire accounting including international coordination was entrusted to the MSM Finance Team.

Global Equity Associates AG obtains legal and accounting services and charged us with special tasks in the area of payments and transactions.

Martin Rechtsanwälte can support this dynamic international company in company law and capital market law matters.

The promotion association of Go4PfadiJuniors for juniors is part of the sponsoring environment of Pfadi Winterthur Handball. The MSM Group was represented in the executive committee from the beginning and supports this association and also the main association with various sponsoring performances. Among others, MSM Group organises the yearly internal game day of Pfadi Winterthur Handball.

Martin Rechtsanwälte provides legal advisory services and regularly contributes articles to the newsletter of the Goldwyn Partners Group.

Since 1979, this orthopedic atelier for technical foot orthopedics in the heart of Winterthur has been producing individual and custom-tailored orthopedic shoe accessories. The MSM Finance Team prepares the annual accounts for this proven speciality operation and represents it in tax matters. MRA advices and represents it in legal matters.

The MSM Group has been a sponsor of this tradition-rich Winterthur tennis club for a long time, by editing, printing and dispatching its newsletter. At the beginning of 2010, we strengthened our commitment by becoming a member of the sponsor vessel “advantage LTC”.

For MP Financial Services AG and various clients of the company, the MSM Group is charged with providing services in the financial and legal area.

The climate protection citizens’ initiative “myblueplanet” is supported by the MSM Group by providing infrastructure and being a member in the Winterthur blue power team.

Opacc Software AG and its clients entrust to the MSM Group on the basis of escrow contracts the safeguarding of source codes of software produced by Opacc, such that they can be available to the client in emergency cases.

Martin Rechtsanwälte supports the tradition-rich Winterthur handball club in the framework of various sponsor services with legal services.

The MSM Group is also interested in ecological investing. Martin Rechtsanwälte has worked on the financial market law situation and had it examined by the supervisory authority.

This worldwide reknowned company could be settled here by Location Promotion, creating numerous job positions thanks to the possibility to quickly rent suitable office space until the final space was found and renovated.

A representative of the MSM Group participates in the general meetings of the Valartis Gruppe AG as a independent voting right representative.

For Tri Air AG in Jona, the MSM Group has been providing legal services for many years.

For many years, the MSM Group – as one of the few SMEs – has been committed to the goals of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, work conditions, environmental protection and combating corruption.

The MSM Group was able to support Serv24 GmbH with legal advice.

The MSM Group helped with the financing of this start-up and continues pooling small shareholders.

The utilisation of natural stones in the outdoor area is the passion of sigg stone solution gmbh. The passion of the MSM finance teams is numbers. For this reason, it has been charged by this family enterprise with bookkeeping, preparation of annual accounts and representation in tax matters.

The  old-established Winterthur transport and moving company, which is on the road each day with 26 modern trailers and articulated lorries, relies on the competency of the MSM Finance Team for support with annual accounts and value added tax as well as representation in tax matters.

Skyline Parking AG was the first winner of the MSM Genesis prize for young entrepreneurs. The company afterwards remained loyal to the MSM Group as a client, using several office rooms in the MSM Office Business Center.

For this company, which offers advice in sofware engineering, IT project management and IT quality management as well as presentations and training courses with regard to these subjects, the MSM Finance Team takes care of accounting, including preparation of the annual accounts, as well as tax matters and social insurance accounts.