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Although we endeavour to process our e-mails and post on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee that all communication will be acknowledged immediately.

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When you visit this website, your data is transferred through an open, publicly accessible network. Thus, the data can cross borders even if you are based in Switzerland. The data can be intercepted and viewed by third parties, providing these third parties with access to the business connection which exists now or may exist in the future between you and MSM Group AG.

The information that you send to MSM Group AG through electronic means, especially by e-mail or text message etc. is usually unencrypted. Even when the emission itself is encrypted, the sender and receiver remain unencrypted. It is therefore possible for third parties to gain access to the business connection which exists now or may exist in the future between you and MSM Group AG.

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By sending e-mails to MSM Group AG, you agree and accept that MSM Group AG will respond via e-mail. Thus, we cannot guarantee confidentiality with regard to the subject of this e-mail communication.

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