MSM Values


MSM strives for sustainability, combining:

  • a constant high quality of service
  • a satisfied team with a great deal of entrepreneurial experience
  • a positive contribution to the national economy and environment

The quality of our service is guaranteed and enhanced through a well-educated team, who continually participate in further internal and external training. Appropriate action ensures that lessons are learnt from both positive and negative experiences, which leads to long-term improvements to the company’s services.

All employees have the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurial activity. These are very important for key employees: in addition to a fixed salary, a large part of their income is performance-based. Employees are kept well-informed about all the company’s important managerial processes and are encouraged to participate actively in managerial tasks and in market cultivation.

Through our involvement in new business set-ups and our foreign market activity (service export), we make a significant contribution to the Swiss national economy on a purely private and self-financed basis and without relying on state aid. We make a contribution to environmental and climate protection through various sponsoring projects and society memberships.