MSM Pro!


MSM Pro Team supports Swiss SMEs and developing enterprises in their search for investors, as well as organising competitions for young entrepreneurs and making business investments.

(MSM Start-Up Support along with legal, bookkeeping and administrative assistant during financing process). The activities are operated by a MSM Genesis, a competition for young enterpreneurs, and Business-Angels Club “MSM Investor club”. The last but not the least, MSM Groups makes investments, which are engaged as cash transactions or work offered.

Intermediation of investors/capital and other business relations

Here you can get to know more about our possibilities and offers regarding the intermediation of business transactions.


MSM Start-Up Support

We support new companies (startups) and companies which move from another country to Switzerland or wish to operate part of their business or their group companies in Switzerland.

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MSM Genesis

Young Entrepreneur of the Year – competition of the MSM Group for enterprises in the seed phase. Prize: startup-package with a value of approximately CHF 50,000.- ! The deadline for your applications has benn prolonged till 15th of September 2017.

Please click here for the newest flyer and the application (PDF)


MSM Investor Club

Four times a year young and attractive Start-up meet investors and experienced enterpreneurs. They are also so called Business Angels and are assisting by bringing experience and networking as well as putting them into right way. More…


MSM Interests

In selected cases, the MSM Group AG invests work or other resources as equity in companies not listed on a stock exchange or projects (private equity).


MSM Real Estate

Here you can find more about our services in the field of Real Estate.